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Hacker, iOS tinkerer, OS builder, Ruby on Rails player, Python lover and Django headscratcher
Something beautiful happens when two people who have the same vision meet. New doors
open and everything falls into place. Everything begins to make sense.

We want to change the world. And we’re not afraid to say it. While we’re at it, we want to
craft meaningful, beautiful, and innovative brands and products that push society forward.
If it has a screen we’ve got you covered. We specialize in designing and developing
digital products and services. These range anywhere from your standard responsive website,
to your not so standard webapp, to your highly customized and complex cross-platform
mobile application.

A brief list of what we can do (in combination or completely stand alone):

  • Android/iOS
  • Java
  • Nodejs
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python/Django
  • Wireframing
  • UX
  • UI
  • Web/Mobile Design
  • Branding/Identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
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Tell me about your projects, plans, dreams -- I'd love to chat, even if it's just to connect.

Check me out online:
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